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Mothership Warden Screen

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Warden Screen

Last updated: 2021-03-04

I love the layout of the Mothership Player’s Survival Guide, but as a new Warden I found myself flipping through it a whole lot at the table and wishing I could find the info I needed even faster. So I made a Warden Screen, and have hardly looked at the book since!

This has all of the weapons and equipment in the game, helpful references like what stats and saves players have, rule reminders, and important tables like Panic Effects. You’ll probably get the most use out of the first 2 pages — the third is mostly about spacecraft mechanics, though it does have a version of the critical hit table from Sean’s blog, too. My setup is I have the first 2 pages taped to a folded piece of cardboard, and I keep the third page on the table.


Mothership Warden Screen page 1

Mothership Warden Screen page 2

Mothership Warden Screen page 3


Pre-Order Warped Beyond Recognition, my psionic Mothersip module →
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